Recycling Machines

The Solution for the Law about Bottle Deposits.
Our corporation offers a total solution to the Bottle Deposit Law.
It is a complete solution that closes the circle.

After 22 years in the field of collection and recycling, we understand all the difficulties faced by businesses involved in receiving beverage containers: issues with storage, sorting, counting, deposit returns, and ordering collection and removal. There is a waste of precious man-hours and sales and storage space. There are also unpleasant odors and dirt.

We have designed our solution to remove all the hassle in dealing with the Bottle Deposit Law. We’ve applied all the knowledge, insights and experience in the field we have acquired over the past two decades in the design and development of the machine and its clearing processes.

In the development process, we set ourselves the goal of implementing and fulfilling our corporate values, which are: economic and environmental collection and removal; separation at source for the acquisition of clean material; preparation of the material for superior recycling; transparency for the consumer, business and Ministry of Environmental Protection; maximum convenience for businesses with minimum investment.

Asofta’s smart recycling machine combines innovative and ground-breaking technology that we have developed. Integration of software, mechanical and electronic components allows us complete control over the machine’s operation. At any given moment, we can check online the machine’s fill rate, the number of containers by material type, the amount of deposit fees returned, maintenance requirements, alfunctions, and more.

Our recycling machines identify the deposit containers, sort them, and shred them into high-quality recyclable flakes.

We close the recycling circle – The Asofta Recycling Corporation is the only organization in the market that has developed and manufactures its own unique RVM recycling machine. We provide the collection, circulation and reporting services for manufacturers and importers within the framework of the Bottle Deposit Law.

This is how Asofta Corporation fulfills the values of the circular economy.

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We Provide the Solution for the Deposit Law

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