A clean and green world for $0.1
We collect, recycle and remain true to our mission
A clean and green world for $0.1


Asofta, the Collection & Recycling Corporation was founded in 2001 in response to the Israeli Bottle Deposit Law.
The corporation provides collection, recycling and reporting services to approximately 130 producers and importers of beverages, with a deep understanding of their particular needs.
Dedicated to fulfilling all the obligations and objectives set out within the framework of the Israeli Bottle Deposit Law, the corporation collects about 150 million beverage containers a year.

The process of transformation of a deposited bottle

The power of a circular economy
איסוף ומיחזור

Collection Channels

איסוף ומיחזור

Marketing networks, counting and shipping containers

איסוף ומיחזור

Educational institutions, banks, hotels, restaurants and more

איסוף ומיחזור מיכלי משקה
Private & professional collectors

Collections ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of containers per month

The processing and recycling plant

מפעל עיבוד ומיחזור

Some of our customers

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